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Powerful Turbine Installed by the Delphos Light & Power Company

The large turbine generator, a combined 1,000 horse power engine and A.C. generator has just been installed and is now being tried out. The big generator was tested with a heavy load and furnished power for a short time for Delphos, Middle Point, Van Wert and Convoy. The new machine is known as a Curtis Steam Turbine.

The company now furnishes light for these four towns and will be in a position to furnish power for the entire system from Delphos in case of emergency.

The large turbine generator, just installed, was built by G.E. Company and is a mammoth affair.

The France Stone Company, Middle Point, has contracted for power. They will use one 300 h.p. motor, one 75 h.p., and three or four smaller ones.

Prospects look good for the installation of another turbine generator of the same capacity.

Delphos Herald – Feb. 7, 1913

Unusual Graduating Class at Jefferson High

The Class of 1913 consists of 15 young men and two young ladies. Usually the class has more girls than boys. Everyone of the graduates has met the requirements for college entry.

Glen Clark graduated with an average of over 90 percent and had led his class for four years. What is most remarkable is that he is but 15 years and 6 months of age, and passed the Boxwell examination at the age of 11 years, afterwards entering the Delphos High School and graduating in the Latin course. He entered the country school at the age of six. He is the youngest graduate who ever completed a course in the Delphos schools and is undoubtedly the youngest in the state. Mr. Clark was presented with five scholarships.

Delphos Herald — May 30, 1913

Passing of Big Rink Building

An order by the state fire marshal will likely result in the wrecking of the large frame rink building on W. Third St., between Canal & Jefferson St., owned by John Luma, and used to store baled straw.

This building was at one time a very popular amusement place for Delphos people. It was erected about 1885, and was one of the largest rink buildings ever erected in northwestern Ohio, being 53 x 161 feet and was built by a stock company. It was a very popular skating rink for a number of years and later, other amusements, including dances, entertainment, and a number of church fairs were held there. In the early days of the rink, when polo was popular, Delphos supported an excellent polo club and games were held here with teams from many cities.

After interest in roller skating waned, the building was converted into a lumber storage house by J.H. Clime. J.T. Horine & Sons later purchased the lumber business and seven years later when skating became popular, they moved the building to a lot about 100 feet farther east, and again turned into a rink. Three years ago the Northwestern Ohio Oratorical contest was held in the rink. It would seat 1,750 people — still leaving plenty of room for a fair sized stage. The funeral services for Dr. C.A. Evens, for many years a prominent physician and one time major of Delphos, was held in this building, 24 years ago, to accommodate the large crowd desiring to attend the services.

The building was sold to John Luma two years ago.

Delphos Herald — Feb. 4, 1913

Thomas A. Weger, who will erect a two story business block on East Second St., has decided to erect a building on the lot on the east side of Main St., just south of the alley between First and Second St.

The frame structure occupied by the W.C. James pool and billiard rooms, which now occupies a portion of the ground, will be moved to the east side of the lot and will be used as a work shop by the concern.

The new structure will be either one or two stories, and will be 46 by 60 feet, providing two business rooms. The south room will be occupied by the pool and billiard parlor.

The front will be of brown brick and the walls will be cement blocks.

Work on the new business block, to be erected by Mr. Weger on East Second St., will be commenced sometime after July 1.

Delphos Herald — May 19, 1930

Munitions Plant

Delphos people are "sitting tight," while the negotiations are pending by which it is proposed to locate a big munitions plant in the city.

On account of conditions at Washington, such matters must move slowly.

The American Road Machinery company (located just south of Waterworks Park, R.H.) and officials of the electric light company, which proposes to furnish power for the proposed plant, feel encouraged as far as the negotiations have progressed.

Local people are all hoping that these prospects are realized. It would mean big things for Delphos and no doubt would attract other plants to this location. A power plant of such proportions would always be an inducement to concerns seeking locations.

Delphos Herald — July 11, 1918

Nickel Plate R.R. engineers are making surveys for the construction of a siding at the plant recently purchased by the Borden Company. The plant, formerly the Delphos Ice Machine Company, is located on Ohio Street at west edge of city. (Never started up. R.H.)

Delphos Herald — Aug. 11, 1942

The Delphos Farming Company

At the annual meeting of the Delphos Farming Co., the following officers were elected: David Jettinghoff, president; Frank Gemke, vice-president; W.J. Steinle, secretary and treasurer.

The company previously owned 570 acres of land, but has sold 250 acres during the past year, retaining 320 acres west of Delphos, located on the Lincoln Highway, which it is farming.

Delphos Herald — July 19, 1918

Beautiful Bed Spread

A beautiful crocheted bedspread recently completed by Mrs. Clarence Heisterman, East 8th St., is on display at Grothouse & Weger.

Ninety-three balls of cotton and three years work were required to complete the spread, which is indeed a masterpiece.

Delphos Herald — July 19, 1934

Standard Carriage & Wagon Company

The Standard Carriage & Wagon Co., the creation of H.D. Squires of Cleveland, who bought the store in the Peoples Block two years ago from W.V. Longsworth, is again under new management, Charles O. Kitts, of Knoxville, Tenn., having bought Mr. Squires interests, both in the store and the stock in the Mammoth rink.

The store will hereafter be known as the Standard Carriage & Harness Company. The change of ownership will not interfere with the big sale at the Mammoth rink on April 10th.

Delphos Herald — Mar. 31, 1909

Perhaps the largest tree, felled in this part of the country for many years, was cut last week, several miles west of Delphos, and hauled to town to be worked up into hoops and staves by the Delphos Hoop Company.

The tree was an elm, purchased by Harry Taylor, one of the company’s buyers, assisted by Jos. Gerdeman, of Washington township. The logs cut from the tree contain 5,038 feet of timber, and when it is remembered that the average scale of logs is 300 feet, the size of this monarch of the forest can be comprehended when the butt cut alone contained 1,100 feet. The tree was cut into six logs.

The plant will be started this week, and will employ about 100 men. The Hoop Co. has from ten to twelve teams hauling logs constantly, besides the haulers bringing logs to the sawmills of E.E. Hooker, T.A. Weger and John Schaffer.

The Holmes & Carr handle factory is running steadily with a good force of men.

Delphos Herald — Dec. 21, 1900

Delphos Needs More Wells

The wells from which the water supply for Delphos has been drawn for some years are weakening and lately have not afforded enough water to maintain a strong pressure. The air compressor has been running steadily and the pressure on the mains is not up to the usual standard. All this is an argument in favor of the bond issue to purchase more ground and drill new wells.

Delphos Herald — May 7, 1909

Dynamite Stolen From Fred Mesker Farm

The theft of 3 boxes of dynamite, 50 pounds each, from the Aaron Fisher storehouse on the Mesker farm, just east of Delphos, would indicate that safe crackers are in this vicinity.

Mr. Fisher stores large quantities of dynamite in a house, erected on the Mesker farm by the Dupont Powder Company, for use at his quarry and for sale for blasting stumps, etc.

Delphos Herald — April 8, 1909

Southwest corner Main and 5th St.

Old mammoth rink

Light and Power

Compiled by Robert Holdgreve
Delphos Historical Society

June 18, 2005 Delphos Herald Newspaper

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