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In an endeavor to reconstruct records for West Side Cemetery, we have compiled an index with the aid of cemetery records, funeral home records, church records, death records, newspaper obituaries and federal veteran records. Monument readings were compared to earlier readings from the Van Wert Historical Society. We hope this index will serve as an aid in genealogical research but it should not be considered as an authentic source.


D = Delphos Deed Books

H = Harter Funeral Home Records

K = Kolkmeyer Funeral Home Records

L = Old listings

M = Stone or Monument Readings

N = Newspaper reports & obituaries

P = Cemetery Maps

S = Health Dept. Death records

V = Veteran List


Ferdinand & Elizabeth Brederick purchased the ground under a U.S. Patent Deed in 1848. The City of Delphos purchased the cemetery on May 10th, 1853 from Joseph Ostendorf. The Cemetery was known as Delphos Cemetery. The city purchased land to the East reaching State Street from Samuel Forrer for $75.00, making first payment December 20th, 1854 and transferred to the City August 8th, 1856. This area is known as Lot 4, Van Wert County, Village of Howard. Ground to expand the cemetery again was purchased from Joseph Ostendorf and transferred to Delphos July 20th, 1889. This ground is the South new sections. Graves sold for $5.00, as set by Delphos May 9th, 1857, but prices dropped to $3.00 December 1st, 1863 and at this point the City issued certificates and started a deed record book. The Mayor appointed a sexton in 1857 and his duties were to keep premises in order, attend to the opening and fastening of the gates, and for this he was entitled to the grass grown on the lot and compensation of one dollar for digging of each grave.

Earliest grave marker found belongs to Nancy Evans, d/o A. & C. Evans, who was one year, 9 months and 8 days old and died in 1847. The last person to be interred was Daniel J. Rupert who died May 25th, 1995 and was buried June 2nd, 1995. Other persons buried after this index was compiled: Cleon Miller died February 25, 1997, Harriett Davis died February 26, 1997, Glenn Ganshaw died October 1, 1998, and Grace Coop died December 12, 1998 and was buried February 1999. Brandon Jay Meyer, infant son of Christopher and Michelle (Dunlap) Meyer, died May 13, 2002 and was buried May 18, 2002 in Section five.  John S. Miller died May 21, 2004 and was buried May 24, 2004 in Section eight.

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Researched & Complied 1995 by

Ronald Kunz, 731 Fairlane Dr., Delphos, Ohio 45833

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